Exclusive interview

Exclusive interview


The Spooks actor talks motoring stunts


I dived over the bonnet of a car. It was fine the first 15 times but on the last take I dislocated my wrist.


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Welcome to the Autumn issue of the AA Magazine
The AA Magazine

Welcome to the Autumn issue of the AA Magazine

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Welcome to the Autumn issue of the AA Magazine… and to this new-look ‘landing page’. That’s the digital name for what we used to call a cover when it was printed on paper!


Digital media is all about putting you in control of what you want to read, making it quicker and easier for you to navigate through the pages. So we’ve made the whole magazine more interactive and user-friendly; simply click on the cross in the top right corner of this panel to close it, then scroll down to discover the interviews and features in this issue.


Click to read the article, but don’t forget you can also use the ‘Contents’ button at the top right – the one that’s three horizontal lines – or move through the pages in order by clicking on the arrow on the right of every page.


As always, there’s something in the AA Magazine for everyone. We’ve got great competitions including the chance to win a new Volvo for a week. There are several stories on new consumer technology, including cars that drive themselves, others that talk to traffic lights, laser headlamps, the future of personalisation and something called an ‘Air Bump’ – and that’s just in the first four pages!


MG is a brand that has historically been the antithesis of hi-tech, boasting a back catalogue of honest and much-loved sports cars. It’s 90 years young in 2014 but even MG has to embrace the future. Enthusiasts might be appalled, but it’s unveiled an electric car to celebrate its birthday.


We’ve got all your favourite features, including PMQs, AA President Edmund King on cycling and a guest columnist who can talk with total authority about the demise of the humble windscreen tax disc.


We’ll be back in the winter with a more exciting design changes and some great new features. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Richard Yarrow

Richard Yarrow
Editor, The AA Magazine